Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Please Be Mindful of Others

Hey Guys I have noticed over the past few weeks some behaviors that have not been What the Blue Rogues are all about. The Language in the Chat at times has been atrocious. I'm not your guys dad and I can't tell ya what to do. I will say this and I live my own life this way. "Foul language is ugly and it makes you look ugly in your everyday life experiences". From jobs, to school, to relationships foul language is just an ugly behavior. So please be mindful of others some people sure don't appreciate it. I also am not perfect. I have even partaken of foul language in my own life. But I try everyday to keep mindful and not use it at all. That enough on the foul language. Now another thing to keep mindful is ingame cheating. Please be mindful of others and do not cheat. If you feel you must cheat feel free to cheat in the single player game that way you can offend yourself LOL. But seriously just don't cheat and make it an enjoyable game for everyone. Half the fun is the possibility of getting yourself a dirt nap (death) so please be mindful have fun at all costs but refrain from cheating. Also yes the handgun glitch is cheating and can be annoying for others.