Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blue Dragon Awakened Shadows *Wifi Play*

Me and Warrior got to test out Blue Dragon Awakened Shadows on the wifi tonight. I have to say im extremely impressed. I was getting ready to sell my copy of the game but Noway. This game has lots of online fun to be had. In fact it's what Ragnorok should have been at least. I was very confused at first at what to do when I logged in but Warrior showed me a couple things online that I could do like Combining armors and making rings and such. The battle system in this game is a little quirky to say the least but it's in real time and it suits the game ok. If your looking for another online game to play I would highly recommend Blue Dragon Awakened Shadows not to be confused with Blue Dragon Plus. Online it has alot to offer. Boss Fights, level run throughs, Armor and weapon tinkering. Graphics are ok but not terrible. It's a room to room adventure that you must complete each room with to continue onto the next room. Good stuff I recommend it as an online game. I didn't like the start of the game as with most rpg's it was very drawn out *yawn* but now that i've tried it online I think I will dive in a little more.