Friday, April 23, 2010

Running the Mirage Tower in Ragnarok DS

Well, tonight, Dtr246 and I ran the Mirage Tower in Ragnarok DS, which is the only multiplayer portion of the game. I used my level 48 thief and DT used her level 70 knight. The tower works like this: on each floor, you are given a specific goal like defeat all monsters, hit the switches in order, find and destroy an orb, or run to the warp because the monsters are invincible. Every five floors, you battle a boss. After the boss fight, you and the other players get to bid or pass on several items and cards. Oh, you also can only use the items you put on the shortcut because you cannot access the menu.

My strategy with the thief while in the tower was to hide behind the enemies and hope they pay attention to DT instead of me (a thief is supposed to be sneaking around mobs, right?) while using the two decent active skills he has while attacking: sand attack (which is an earth elemental attack that may blind the enemy) and envenom (an attack that inflicts 1HP but may poison the enemy). Both DT and I came prepared with healing items but we ran out of them somewhere between floor 30-40 where both finally died. I leveled up three times while in the tower and walked out of there with some new goodies. Overall, it was a fun and pleasant experience and hope to do it again soon. Next time, I'll be running the tower with my thief promoted to assassin because I know he'll be far more useful then.