Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Blue Rogues Are Huntin Monsters

Holy Cow where do I start here? Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii is not just about Picking up a weapon gathering with your bestest online Buddies and hacking some terrorizing monster to bits. There is so much more to it then simply tracking and hunting. Although the hunt is an exciting one across beautiful landscapes which the Wii hasn't had the pleasure to see grace the screen yet. At first players who have never played the monster Hunter series might be a little put out by what envolves playing Monster Hunter Tri. There is a ton of stuff to learn before you even set out. Your going to need to learn how to forage, Skin, Cook and keep yourself maintained and fit for the hunt. First thing players should do is learn all of these things as well as what shops are where and exactly what they do cause you spend half the game doing these things. Also Associate yourself with every single function of the controller before you truly just run out and get started cause you will be using all of them. Now Hows the online play? It's simply put AWESOME! You could actually play online and never have to add a friends gamer ID to your friends list. There are so many servers and games with tons of people already playing with all skill levels just join a game and have at it! Now Adding friends to your list is the real fun and if you have Wii Speak a must. The Wii Speak will not work unless the person in the game is on your Friends list. Can I add random friends I meet from inside the game? well no....which is kind of a bummer but can be over looked. You will need to know the persons ID code which we have started a list here at The Blue Rogues. To add the persons ID code and enable Wii Speak Both people will need to be online at the same time. You will need to hit the select button and rifle through the options till you find the option Compose a message. You then Put in the persons ID code and then select the option in the message Add as friend. Then maybe put something in the message field like add me or Your a jerk or somethin like that LOL. Then just hit send. When the Buddy you just called a Jerk receives the message he will simply approve the Friendship and you are then friends and can use Wii Speak and also send Messages and Warp to wherever each of you are playing. It's quite a nice system. I am just starting out myself with the monster hunter series and so far I love it. It has a nice atmosphere with beautiful Graphics, Excellent sound and pretty nice quest system. Online play has been made very simple by Capcom and has Gone away a bit from the traditional Friend Codes debacle the Wii players still have not gotten used too. All I can say if you have a Wii and love adventure do yourself a favor and pick up Monster Hunter Tri with the extra Classic controller and a Wii Speak. You will not be dissapointed.

*CORRECTION* *CORRECTION* In my original article there is an inaccurate statement. I found out last night that you can in fact add random players to your Friends list rather easily. you walk up to them in the game and click on them choose the option compose a message there is an option to Request to be added to friends. Very simple Indeed!

By Windancer