Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue Rogues Video Has been Set

ATTENTION: The Day of the Tribute Video and picto contest has been changed. It will be on Tuesday september 21st at 6pm Instead. PCenginefan Can't make it monday with his off the hook Hi Def camera.

A little bit about the Picto contest. We will do the picto contest after we shoot the tribute video. You will join a game after the Tribute shoot present your picto which me and PCenginefan will vote on. A cool prize is going to be given to the winner. The deal on the pictos is that it has to be original and something we haven't seen before

Hey Gang the Video Shoot has been set. We will be shooting the video on Monday september 20th at 6pm Pacific time. So be here in the chatroom on september 20th to get in the video. There will also be a picto contest which will be held after the PSZ tribute filming so make some new pictos. You can win a R4 Card for your DS or DSlite