Friday, July 23, 2010

Custom Robos, Not just about fighting (just for the most part)

It came out nice huh, anyway this is from the game wind posted about Custom Robo Arena (or CRA from now on). It's not just about fighting though it IS a huge part of the game. but because of the speed and intensity of the fighting you JUST CAN'T TAKE A PICTURE of it. so i did something better. Behold my Garage, the place where my (small yet cool) robo is held. you can put your robo in many poses as well as put backgrounds for your robo to sit in. now the garage isn't just about posing robos and swapping parts (another thing you do there) but also CLEAN your robo as well. as you fight more and more battles your robo will get dirty, this effects all your robo a LOT depending on how dirty it is. It's really fun and, as wind said, is a great fun little game you can play on. it STILL has wifi but the distance to the router is shorten a bit. Also that robo is Ray 01 customized with Needle Gun, Geo Trap Bomb, Satellite Pod H and Formula Legs.