Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Custom Robo Arena Smashem' up Robo Brawler

Well if anyone has this game let me know. I can dust this off and we can play some custom robo on Nintendo wifi. It's a good little game with tons of customization. Don't get to excited about storyline in the game as it's pretty corny but you must agonize through the storyline to get better parts for your Robo. If ya can do that this is a nice Multiplayer pickup. This game wins as Corniest storyline ever but it's big on decent robo action. so let me know if you have it I will join ya for the meyhem!

UPDATE!Custom Robo is no longer available Online! Oh Well...

UPDATE! I have been informed by Johnwolf that CCustom Robo servers are in fact still up and running. That's Good News thanks John.