Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3DS the new handheld by Nintendo

No really, this ISN'T a bluff. Nintendo has OFFICIALLY revealed Their new DS the 3DS. now it's a DS int the sense a GBA is a GB. The 3DS has been shown FAR SUPERIOR Graphically wise to the DS. this means that the hardware in this baby is much better. if you got to you can look at some of the demos that have screen shots. as you can see from this pic, it has a Control Stick ,something we have complained about sense day one. now how will this put Nintendo in the lead over Sony's PSP. well lets say that this handheld is SOOOOO powerful graphically wise that it will have MGS Snake Eater as one of it's release games. It might come out this year, it might come out next year. Man, that new Mario karts is making me want it more and more.