Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OMG the new ROCKET KNIGHT is out.

That's right THIS guy is back in his new ROCKET KNIGHT ADVENTURE for the PS3 and XBox 360 release. I haven't found a Wii release on the shop yet but you can buy it on PSN 14.99, I'm sure it's the same for XBL users but i don't have one and am to lazy to comferm it (unfortunetly).
I'm poor as poor can be but i DID manage to get the demo, let me tell you THIS GAME DELIVERS. At first i was unsure because i only played on the easy mode, but once i played on the harder mode it DEFENTLY had that OldSchool play style. The game play is a bit slower due to the fact that you can't zoom freely nilly, the rocket has a gadge that has the pack full bar. once it's out you can't zoom till it fills up a bit. luckly it fills up quickly enuff, his sword has a range attack but that to is linked to the full bar, so make sure you swing his sword to. they have the side scroller shooter on the level that the demo has and sparkster NOW has a beam attack that can wipe out a row of enemies. This move eats up a lot of the full bar and it takes about 5 beams to deplete it. once it's deplete, you can't attack due to that fact the attacks are now all range attacks. The bonus features have 3 different skins, Sparkster, GOLD Sparkster, and one more that i'm not going to spoil for you. If you loved the Rocket Knight games, you'll like this one, dowload it up anyway just to try it. Also please mind my spelling, I'm not that good if you haven't noticed in the chat.