Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Rant And An Update

Hello, everyone, this is Rash with a rant and an update. First, the rant. I know I'm beating a dead horse here but I need to vent about this now. Here's the rant: I hate the Eternal Tower in PSZ. It's the absolute worst part of the whole game and it's the worst thing I have ever had to do in a video game. What were the developers at Sega thinking when they decided to throw in a six hour long mission that you can't do online and forced to do in one sitting (or leave your DS on sleep mode for an extended period of time if you can't finish it in one sitting)? The idea should have been killed off day one in development.

I attempted to do the Eternal Tower on Super Hard last night. I managed to reach level 95 before I couldn't take it anymore and quit. I had a freak out about it. Seriously, if something that's supposed to be for recreation is freaking you out, it's time to stop. And today, I attempted the tower again only to want to quit halfway through. I don't know why I wanted to attempt the tower again after how I reacted the first time. I don't care to get all the accomplishments in the game. There's no pressure to do the Eternal Tower if I don't want to. I'll admit I did get some nice things out of the tower (more so this time than the last, I'll admit), but it's not worth all the hassle I had to deal with. I suppose I could do the tower over the course of several days but then I can't play with anyone online during that time (I only have one DS).

With that said, I refuse to do another run through the Eternal Tower. I would rather spend the time required for the Eternal Tower playing with other players online. That's the best part of PSZ after all. If it wasn't for online play, I would've stopped playing this game after 20 hours or so and not have accumulated over 200 hours (a conversative estimate of the amount of time put into this game) with this game. In addition, if wasn't for the online play in PSZ, I would've never encountered this group and met so many nice people here. This ends my rant.


Now for the update: starting as of this post, I'm going to take a break from PSZ for at least a couple weeks. The reason being I want to take the time to actually play Ragnarok for the DS. I have barely touched the game since I wrote that article giving my first impression on it. Whenever I have attempted to play Ragnarok, I get pulled away by PSZ. In addition, I feel if I don't play through Ragnarok now, some other game will come along and keep me away from Ragnarok indefinitely. I am interested in seeing how the story turns out from what little I've seen of (I have made a couple predictions and want to see if I'm right or not) and actually play the Mirage Tower with the two other people who have their F/C's up for Ragnarok (I'm looking at you, Windancer and DTR) if possible.

With all that said, this concludes my rant and update.