Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Thought's on Eternal Tower SH

Well Guys I played through Eternal Tower SH over a 2 day time span leaving my DSi on and closing it when I got tired to continue later. I finally beat it picked up some ok loot but nothing spectacular best items were probably a Radam soul and a Emporer Axion which had level 3 heat element and Earth bullet for the PA. Most of the good drops had no PA's which bummed me out cause I really I don't want to do ET again anytime soon. I sure wish it had online play there. That would make things so much more fun. Plus room clearing would go so much faster. All in all i'm glad I finally finished it but was a little dissapointed there was no ending credits. ET is such a pain and a Marathon. Expect to play through about 5 to 6 hours play time. One thing about SH is the difficulty is really boosted you will die a couple times throughout your journey through Eternal Tower SH. I will be semi retiring my Fomar to play my Ramar more often now only to bring him out to help Group members in either power leveling or Treasure hunting. Congrats to Rashidi who got a shuriken last night while we ran through the wetlands online it was great fun as always and thanks for the Cloak that I had been looking for. I will be getting ready to clear out un-wanted weapons and armor in my bank if anyone is lookin for anything PM me at PSOW if I have it it's yours. No you can't have the Radam soul or the Emporer Axion LOL