Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Phantasy Star Zero Tip Of The Moment

Hello, fellow Blue Rogues. This is Rash with his first ever contribution to this blog. Today, I'm going to post a tip of the moment for PSZ. This came to me last Sunday when I was doing a few runs with Dtr246 (who knows how to roll a good HUmarl, btw). We went through the wetlands in one our runs and came across Octo Diablo at the end as usual. I was devoured by Octo Diablo in our fight and Dtr kept me alive by spamming Resta until he spat me out. I picked up on that trick and did the same thing to Dtr when she was devoured by Octo Diablo a few minutes later and kept her alive. So, that's my tip of moment: when one your friends are devoured by Octo Diablo, keep them alive by spamming Resta. That should conclude my first post.